Lilit Lysa

  • Ukraine
  • Kyiv
  • This photo is from a series called "Adepts of Sirius". This is a documentary, because it was filmed about the religious sect “Order of the temple of the sun”. Its adherents burned themselves in 1994 in order to incorporeally move to the star Sirius as spirit. A total of 74 sect members died. I designed and sewed these ritual costumes by myself with symbolism from the history of the sect. I am fashion photographer and artist. My works is an assemblage of historical references and futuristic fabrications. I explore anthropology, marginal aspects of culture. Images are infused with a hybrid blend of surrealism, bold fashion and archetypal symbolism.

  • Creative Director, Photographer, Fashion Designer - Lilit Lysa (@lilit.lysa)
    Model - Kseniya Ursta (@ksuursta)
    Make Up Artist - Anna Boeva (@boeva_makeup)