Lăcră Grozăvescu

  • Romania
  • Bucharest

    "Character XXV"

    ● In this drawing series, I decided to tackle one of the most sensitive subjects in the history of art, the human figure. During the creative process, I try to seek the essence of each one of my characters, a feature, a trait that makes them unique and recognizable. I look for diversity in the subjects I choose, using symbolic colours to emphasize solitude, fear, sadness, isolation.
    The word itself "character" expresses "the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual." Every detail, every gesture common to a person is an utterance of individuality and singularity.
    My main focus is to represent the contemporary portrait with the use of vibrant and vivid colours. What gets me so close to my characters is their emotions and struggles. What inspires me most is the hidden part of the human side, certain feelings that cannot be expressed directly. It's a whole process of discovering, experimenting, understanding, and learning. ●

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