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Dervish nowadays
An African girl with a vase on her head takes a look around because she feels someone watching what she is doing! Her eyes are just not considering that and
look 4 out of 6 looks of my Dead Love Collection This look includes a black babushka lace lay piece, bgh button saddle, cotton pouched blmrs, black woven leg warmers
I am a fashion illustrator. This is the latest addition to my portfolio.  Thank you.  
My best friend (Emily, pictured) and I suffer from similar afflictions. I had been out photographing most of the night, and she had been at my house. We decided to
An image made whilst on holiday in Cornwall, playing with the human figure as an abstracted form. 
  "Character XXV"● In this drawing series, I decided to tackle one of the most sensitive subjects in the history of art, the human figure. During the creative process, I
Canvas, oil. 150x100 cmThe orange-pink spot is the personification of selfhood, inner fire, and spiritual energy. Girls are the younger generation, which is much less connected with the material world,
This photo is from a series called "Adepts of Sirius". This is a documentary, because it was filmed about the religious sect “Order of the temple of the sun”. Its

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